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The joys of re-invention

I posted my first piece of writing online when I was thirteen years old.
It was back when I would come home from school, make a bowl of cereal and patiently wait half an hour for the dial-up internet to connect, silently praying no one would call on the land line and ruin the whole thing. I sat in-front of that clunky computer tapping out poems for peers I had never met on a site called teenpoetry.student.com. I'm not even kidding. This was right before 'social media' was a thing, when email was the coolest form of communication and your online presence or reach couldn't be measured. I'm confident that the poems were angst-y, earnest, overly emotional and just plain awful.
Oh the joys of beginning again.

I read somewhere that re-invention is a vital part of the growth and success of an artist or business.
I've been re-inventing myself in an online context for over a decade now. Scary thought isn't it?
Bebo, Facebook, DeviantArt, Photoblogs, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest - the list goes on. As terrifying as that list might seem and as cliche as this next part is about to sound, I have found that the trick to successful re-invention is staying true to who you are at the core. A LOT can change; the format in which you choose to express yourself, the platform, the type of media, your influences, your life choices, your location, your haircut, sense of style and circumstances. All of those things for me are in a state of flux. But at the core of it, there is still the same soul wanting to express itself. So here we are.

I built this little online nest for myself because I found I had out-grown my previous one(s).

Writing has always been how I figure things out. As a compulsive over-thinker and ponderer, it helps to make sense of the crazy mess my mind can get into sometimes. It's a way for me to deal, a way to process and project and tether together some thought threads.
Right now it's a monologue - a shared thought catalogue from my brain-hole to yours.
But I'm hoping it will soon be a conversation. I'm hoping this will be a place we can sort of share. A place where you can read about clever people following their passions and be inspired to follow yours also. And then tell me about those things! I'm hoping this can be a place where you can tell me about books you love and places you like to visit and how you've made the ultimate cookie or your plan to change the world or whatever it is that you're into. I'm hoping that we can share and collect some really great stories.

I'm excited for this little re-invention, the opportunity that the worldwide web has offered us to create and re-create over and over. I hope very much that you will join me. x

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