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Take Care

Hello February! Can you believe it happened so quickly? My month was four short weeks of summer nights and windy days and packing my life in to boxes only to unpack it a day later, new room, new house, new flatmates, new year. 

I tumbled into January after my trip, dove in to my work and reconnected with my friends and drank beer on the deck and revisited the lessons I learned on my travels. To put it simply, I crash landed back in to my summer life. 
And here we are. A month later. 
And I figure that we are long past the moment when its popular to talk about new years resolutions, so I can talk about my words for 2016. 

I can’t quite remember when it was, but the idea of a word or a phrase for the year came from my Aunt Michelle. She would choose a word and focus on it and what she wanted that word to mean for her. It acted as a lens in which she viewed her year, a frame in which the next 12 months would play out in. 

I fell in love with that concept, and have been choosing a word or phrase every year since I was 17. Sometimes the words have come from songs or books, or from things friends have said. Sometimes I hear the word and it resonates. I often repeat it over and over in my mind like a mantra. It can mean something vague and all encompassing, or something specific and personal. Its a little reminder that I chose how I wanted this year to be, I chose the words to live by. 

Take Care. 
This is my phrase for 2016. 
It feels weirdly vulnerable to share with you, maybe because I am afraid that I don’t have the right words to say just how deeply these words sit with me and inspire me. 

I was sitting on a train in Vancouver when these word clicked. Take. Care. 
I love words that mean so many things, or words that change meaning in different contexts. 

Take Care. 
Its the thing you say to people when you depart company, a wish for them to be well and whole until you next meet. To me, this is a call to leave people better than you find them. It translates into real and authentic interactions that fortify and comfort, for people to leave my company feeling heard and valued. 

Take Care.
Do things with care and attention. In some ways this is the hardest for me. I enthusiastically rush through things that I like and absentmindedly breeze through things Im not so fond of. I cut corners and take short cuts, I am kind of haphazard, I know this about myself. So this is tricky, but worthwhile I think, to slow down. Take extra care and do this carefully and properly. 

Take Care. 
Of yourself. My mum says this to me all the time, and I think its about time I listened. Taking care ones self manifests in both the internal and external, the physical and the emotional. Its about checkin in with myself, listening to what my body needs, what my skin is up to, where my heart is at, the places my mind is wandering, and creating healthy, self-loving habits. 

Take Care 
of Business. If you get this song stuck in your head I apologise. (its in mine too!) 
This is about learning how to ‘adult’ a little better - being good about my money and savings, about making sure my affairs are in order and that they stay that way. I have a tendency to avoid doing this type of thing at all costs so this will be a great set of skills to master. 

Take Care
of each other. Maintain your relationships, invest in people, throw love around like confetti. You are not the source of love, merely the vessel it passes through. Take time with people, give them a safe space to be themselves, be a good listener, be present, be available, be authentic. 
Honour your words and promises, show up when it matters, make room for people. 

And that’s it. 
It seems like a pretty good mantra for my year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my ‘Take Care’ project progress, but already its making me slow down and do things more carefully, with more love and attention. 
Would love to hear your words/inspiration/resolutions for the year ahead. 

Until next time friends, take care xx

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