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The July Reset: Setting Intentions - Part 2

In my last posts I got in to the nitty-gritty of why I'm hitting the reset button and what  I'm doing and not doing as part of my July Reset this month. I've covered the first three in Part 1 : Health and Wellness, Digital Detox & Financial Fitness, so this post is about the last three: Work and Career, Life De-Clutter & Creative Renewal. 
Lets jump right in to it shall we?

Work and Career
I'm only going to talk about this briefly and without too much detail because my goals around this are pretty specific to my job, and I'm not sure its so wise to talk about your job on the Internet. Buuuut I love my job and wanted to set some goals around work efficiency and career growth this month.

In July I will be...
-looking at my work flow and working on prioritising and reshuffling my responsibilities for the best outcomes. When you've been in a job for a long time it can be easy to grow complacent and I really don't want to so I'm working on making sure this isn't the case. 

-Looking for opportunities to up skill in my field. 

-Putting in a more conscientious effort to connect with others in my field and grow my network. 

-Updating my CV. I haven't really looked at my CV in about 4 years and it needs a refresh! 

-Thinking about long term work plans. This involves evaluating what I'm  currently doing, thinking about what I might like to do in future and what I would need to do to make change happen. Even if I don't have any immediate plans to change up my career I think it's good to think about the future. 

What I won't be doing: 
-Taking on an impossible amount of work and/or beating myself up about it. 

Other than that these goals are mostly around evaluating and re-focusing my work life, without losing that healthy life/work balance. 


The July Reset: Setting Intentions - Part 1

Okay my friends - it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty.
I wrote about why I'm hitting the reset button on my life this month, but didn't get into HOW in too much detail.  We are at the beginning of the month, so here we go!

A fortnight ago I sat down with my very cute, very smart partner Alex and we talked about setting some goals for the month ahead. Over a glass of port and a piece of cheesecake at our local spot Loretta, we took a pen to napkin and wrote out the six following areas we wanted to set intentions around and work on for the next month.

They are: 
- Health and Wellness 
- Digital Detox
- Financial Fitness
- Work and Career
- Life De-clutter
- Creative Renewal

I'm sure you can decide to hit reset on your life at any point, but can I just say that having a buddy who's keen to support you and do it with you is really really cool. The support for this project has already been so wonderful with lovely friends offering advice and encouragement. Turns out feeling burnt out and craving a mid-year reset is a pretty common feeling.

Here's what I'm doing and NOT doing for the month of July.