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The July Reset: Setting Intentions - Part 2

In my last posts I got in to the nitty-gritty of why I'm hitting the reset button and what  I'm doing and not doing as part of my July Reset this month. I've covered the first three in Part 1 : Health and Wellness, Digital Detox & Financial Fitness, so this post is about the last three: Work and Career, Life De-Clutter & Creative Renewal. 
Lets jump right in to it shall we?

Work and Career
I'm only going to talk about this briefly and without too much detail because my goals around this are pretty specific to my job, and I'm not sure its so wise to talk about your job on the Internet. Buuuut I love my job and wanted to set some goals around work efficiency and career growth this month.

In July I will be...
-looking at my work flow and working on prioritising and reshuffling my responsibilities for the best outcomes. When you've been in a job for a long time it can be easy to grow complacent and I really don't want to so I'm working on making sure this isn't the case. 

-Looking for opportunities to up skill in my field. 

-Putting in a more conscientious effort to connect with others in my field and grow my network. 

-Updating my CV. I haven't really looked at my CV in about 4 years and it needs a refresh! 

-Thinking about long term work plans. This involves evaluating what I'm  currently doing, thinking about what I might like to do in future and what I would need to do to make change happen. Even if I don't have any immediate plans to change up my career I think it's good to think about the future. 

What I won't be doing: 
-Taking on an impossible amount of work and/or beating myself up about it. 

Other than that these goals are mostly around evaluating and re-focusing my work life, without losing that healthy life/work balance. 


Life De-Clutter
This is weirdly the part of this re-set I am most looking forward to. 
This is about the stuff I've accumulated and the life admin jobs I keep putting off. We all have them right? The mental to-do list that never seems to get done. This key aim of this goal is to simplify. 
Its been occurring to me recently how much stuff I have, and how much time I spend administrating all that stuff, or thinking that I should really get around to sorting/cleaning all that stuff. It  can feel endless. 
Like take for example my clothes. I have so many pieces of clothing, and a good percentage of them I'm not wearing, either because they don't fit, they need repairing or my style has changed and I don't reach for certain things any more.  I have storage boxes under my bed and I can't think whats in them. I shudder when I think about my bathroom cupboards and the pantry. 
As part of my personal preparation for this month I've also been watching a lot of documentaries lately on waste and how much our mindless consumption and accumulation of stuff is affecting our environment, but also not making us any happier. 
The truth is I have too much stuff. So life de-clutter is about simplifying that.
It might be tough.  I love things. I like collecting things - books and objects that remind me of memories or people. But I want to value those things that I have and collect and carefully curate the objects that are in my life with intention  instead of mindlessly consuming cheap material goods. 

So in summary, this month I will be: 
-Clearing out and clearing down my wardrobe. Its out of control and needs a really good sort out. I want to work towards a much simpler wardrobe situation in the future so a good clear down feels like a good place to start.

-Spring cleaning and sorting out my house,  room by room, cupboard by cupboard. I've moved from flat to flat over the last 7 years, accumulating more random house junk as flatmates come and go. We don't have a lot of storage room in my house as it is and every cupboard is currently full, but not with things that are useful or meaningful, instead with things I just haven't got around to sorting yet. I'm going to have the mother of all clean ups and I'm pretty excited about it. 

-Donating, recycling, re-gifting and repurposing what I can, and getting rid of the rest as best as possible. 

What I won't be doing this month:
-Buying unnecessary stuff. At least trying a lot harder to be aware of what I am buying and why.

-Throwing away absolutely everything and living like a monk. Again simplicity and balance is what we are striving for here. 

And the last of the six things for July Reset is...

Creative Renewal 
This is also one I am particularly excited about. In the last six months I've let my 'busy-ness' be a valid excuse for me to not make time for my creative endeavours. I've been scrolling instead of writing, and tabling my creative ideas until the elusive 'someday' arrives. Not any more.

Creative renewal this month looks like: 

-Writing more. And also writing anything. Writing from the heart without fear because its a free creative expression and that's all it needs to be.

-Renovating! Alex and I have decided that a creative project we can together this month is renovate a spare bedroom in his house. This will involve the usual diy jobs like stripping wallpaper and painting,  etc but will be an activity we can do together that's creative and using our hands.

-Revisiting creative pursuits. In my life I have always been a creative person; drawing painting, taking photos, styling, cooking, photographing, making videos, making clothes and gifts for people. I miss the joy of making things, so this month I want to revisit some of those artistic pursuits and spend more time doing those, rediscovering the joy of making things. 

And that's it. That's the plan. I know it might seem like a lot to do, and also like a whole lot of change for a month. It may very well turn out to be, but I feel ready for it.
I'm excited to see what this month will teach me, and grateful that you're here for the ride. 
Fingers crossed!

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