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Iv'e been pottering around and publishing my own projects online for a long time....

The first time I published my thoughts an feelings online was on a site called 'student city' or something like it and I was 15 years old. I wrote terribly emotional poems and let strangers give me feedback. How I used to rush home and wait the painful 20 minutes for the dialup to connect and give me access to a world so much bigger than my small town in a country at the bottom of the world. When I was 17 I put my heavily photoshopped masterpieces on deviant art (cringe), photographed my way through my early twenties and uploaded photos of my youth to the internet; flickr, tumblr, facebook - you name it, I tried it.  I started writing about my feelings and findings on the internet when I was 21. When I finished university I was at a loss about what I was doing and started a blog about things I was making every day. This exists in its imperfect scrappy entirety here, a publicly available time capsule of how I felt to be 23.  I moved to Smallest Soul because I was enjoying telling stories more than making things, and here we are!

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